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Internet Service

Cable Internet Service

I am an existing SHAW or other Cable user.
I am [an existing Telus or other ADSL user] or [do not have any internet service].

$31.95/month Cable Internet 5 (download up to 5Mbps / 512K upload) + Modem $50
$38.95/month Cable Internet 20 (download up to 20Mbps / 1.5M upload) + Modem $50 + FREE rental Router
$48.95/month Cable Internet 60 (download up to 60Mbps / 6M upload) + Modem $90
$52.95/month Cable Internet 75 (download up to 75Mbps / 7.5M upload) + Modem $90
$46.95/month Cable Internet 75 (download up to 75Mbps / 7.5M upload) (with 2 year contract) - FREE rental Modem and Router plus no setup fee (only pay refundable deposit $100)
$68.95/month Cable Internet 150 (download up to 120Mbps / 10M upload) + Modem $120

Wifi Router Options ( Not required to choose if you select 20M or 75M with 2 year contract ):
Use my own Router
I don't have Router, need to purchase Alldaytalk's pre-configured WIFI Router $60
Rent Alldaytalk's pre-configured WIFI Router, $2/month (No deposit)
Free use Alldaytalk's pre-configured WIFI Router (with 2 years contract)


ADSL Internet Service (for great Vancouver only)

$39.95/month ADSL Internet 6 (download up to 6Mbps / 512K upload) + Modem and Router $100
$44.95/month ADSL Internet 15 (download up to 15Mbps / 1M upload) + Modem and Router $100
$54.95/month ADSL Internet 25 (download up to 25Mbps / 5M upload) + Modem and Router $100


  • One-Time Program Activation Fee $85, (you will get $85 rebate after you keep using your service longer than 6 months)
  • No Contract

Addon Service

$11.95/month VoIP Phone Home Service - Phone Adapter $50 deposit
$17.95/month Local TV Service - (only available for purchase with Internet services!) Channel list

TV Box Options:
Purchase TV Box $168
Rent TV Box, $5/month (No deposit)



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